Professor Gil McVean takes on full-time CTO role at Genomics. Pic: Genomics

Professor Gil McVean takes on full-time CTO role at Genomics

 1 min | By Gill Oliver
 | Pharma | Healthcare | Biotech | Sep 7th 2019

Data science company Genomics plc, which specialises in using human genetic information to improve drug development and healthcare, has announced Professor Gil McVean will join on a full-time basis as chief information officer. Professor McVean, already a director and co-founder of Genomics, will lead the shaping and implementing of the company’s data strategy.

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He joins from Oxford University, where he was founding director of the Big Data Institute and Professor of Statistical Genetics at the Nuffield Department of Medicine. He was also one of the leaders of 1000 Genomes Project – the international effort launched in 2008 to establish the most detailed project of human genetic variation. Before the BDI, Professor McVean was head of Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics at Oxford’s Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics and a Professor in Statistical Genetics at Oxford’s Department of Statistics.

He said: “As a founder of Genomics, it is exciting to see how the company has grown and is already using genetic information to bring benefits to healthcare systems, the life science industry and, ultimately, patients. I am looking forward to joining such a dynamic team. My work in big data and machine learning will help Genomics maximise its impact on the rapidly evolving landscape of using genomic insights to transform drug discovery and precision health.”

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