Oxford’s digihealth innovators rising to the Covid-19 challenge

Rhiannon Lassiter | Healthcare | Social Care | Comms | SaaS | AI | Covid-19 | Jun 22nd 2020

TheHill is Oxford’s digital transformation catalyst for health, set up to help clinicians to convey their needs and start-ups to acquire expert clinical connections. The network prides itself on supporting healthcare providers in getting innovative products to where they can help the most. TechTribe Oxford looks at some of those finding ways to meet the demands of Covid-19.


Oxford eco-laundry service pivots to support health professionals in Covid-19 pandemic

Karen David | Healthcare | Sustainability | Covid-19 | Jun 1st 2020

The Oxford Vaccine Group, working with the Jenner Institute on the Covid-19 trials, is using laundry services by Oxwash, the eco-friendly start-up.


Covid-19: As Oxford vaccine trials start, experts look ahead to manufacturing at scale

Antony David | Healthcare | Medical | Covid-19 | Apr 28th 2020

Starting on 23 April, over a thousand volunteers will receive a Covid-19 candidate vaccine in trials led by Prof Sarah Gilbert at Oxford's Jenner Institute.


Covid-19: Nye Phone helps health professionals maintain care at a distance

Antony David | Healthcare | Medical | Covid-19 | Apr 27th 2020

Healthcare workers are not in it for the money, nor because it is safest. Nye Health's comms solutions enable care to continue remotely through the crisis.


£29 million round to help Perspectum expand reach of liver disease diagnostics tech

Karen David | Healthcare | Biotech | Medical | Apr 17th 2020

Oxford-based Perspectum's £29 million ($36 million) funding round enables the firm to expand commercialisation of LiverMultiScan, its non-invasive technology for the detection of chronic liver diseases, growing in prevalence worldwide. The company says its plans can move forward despite the Covid-19 pandemic.


Covid-19: Machine learning and visualisation platform could help identify lung infections

Karen David | Healthcare | AI | Covid-19 | Apr 9th 2020

A machine learning model based on visualising data could help medical professionals identify coronavirus cases, differentiate them from other lung conditions and help to predict potential outcomes for patients. 


Covid-19: Oxford University rolls up its sleeves

Antony David | Healthcare | Covid-19 | Mar 27th 2020

More than 20 departments and over 500 researchers from the University are engaged in projects aimed at understanding and dealing with the Covid-19 coronavirus. Work on a wide range of activities is benefitting from £20m of government funding.


Covid-19: Oxford scientists develop rapid testing technology

Antony David | Healthcare | Covid-19 | Mar 24th 2020

Scientists from Oxford University have developed a rapid test for COVID-19 that is three times faster than previous techniques.


Covid-19: Diamond Light scientists are ‘working around the clock’ to help combat the coronavirus pandemic

Gill Oliver | Pharma | Healthcare | Biotech | Medical | AI | Covid-19 | Mar 18th 2020

Life science teams at the Oxfordshire-based Diamond Light Sources synchrotron facility are ‘working around the clock’, carrying out measurements to help international efforts to tackle COVID-19.


OMass Therapeutics extends development runway with completion of £41.5m A Series funding

Antony David | Pharma | Biotech | Feb 19th 2020

Research started in Oxford University’s chemistry laboratories has evolved into a biophysical discovery platform that delivers high-resolution data to aid the discovery of therapeutics for patients suffering from immunological and genetic disorders


BOOK REVIEW: The Idea of the Brain by Matthew Cobb

Antony David | Book review | May 14th 2020

Matthew Cobb’s book charts the history of efforts to understand the brain and brings us up to date with the latest developments in neuroscience.


Covid-19: OxVent’s rapidly built ventilator moves to the testing stage

Karen David | Healthcare | Medical | Manufacturing | Covid-19 | Apr 15th 2020

The OxVent ventilator for Covid-19 patients, developed in just two weeks in March by engineers and medics in Oxford and London, is being tested for safety and usability at the Smith+Nephew medical manufacturing facility in Hull.


Covid-19: Biotech firm offers AI based drug discovery platform in efforts to tackle virus

Gill Oliver | Pharma | Healthcare | Biotech | Medical | AI | Covid-19 | Mar 25th 2020

Oxford biotech company e-therapeutics is offering its powerful network-biology-and AI-based drug discovery platform to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.


AI speeds up identification of the role of colon cancer gene functions

Karen David | Healthcare | Biotech | AI | Mar 16th 2020

Researchers in Oxford and Zurich have used artificial intelligence (AI) and computer visualisation technology to detect changes in colon cancer cells that could be connected to the ‘expression’ of some smell-sensing genes.


Biotech startup is developing drug discovery programmes in kidney disease and cancer

Gill Oliver | Healthcare | Biotech | Medical | Investment | Feb 19th 2020

Using its proprietary tech, a biotech company has discovered antibodies leading to the development of drug discovery programmes in kidney disease and cancer.


Network profile: TheHill digital health community

Antony David | Healthcare | Network profile | Aug 23rd 2019

TheHill is a digital health innovation community, a cluster, network and incubator/accelerator programme working in Oxford with NHS Trusts, universities, digital developers, innovators and investors to catalyse commercial and impactful technological solutions in healthcare. 

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06 Jul 2020

Lie machines: misinformation in a Post-COVID world In the age of Covid-19, the lie machine is working to undermine trust in institutions like the World Health Organisation. Professor Phil Howard, author of Lie Machines: How to Save Democracy from Troll Armies, Deceitful Robots, Junk News Operations, and Political Operatives and Nicola Aitken, Full Fact policy manager, discuss the implications of lie machines and how we can utilise them or shut them down. Hosted by Oxford Martin School. 5pm. Book here

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Smart Local Energy Systems: social, technical and operational aspects Sarah Darby, Scot Wheeler and Stevie Adams talk about their ongoing work in Project Local Energy Oxfordshire (LEO), one of the most ambitious, wide-ranging, innovative, and holistic smart grid trials ever conducted in the UK. The discussion chaired by Helen Gavin will cover the issues Project LEO is designed to address, technological advances in balancing energy supply and demand, and how it can improve understanding of opportunities for smart, secure and flexible energy networks. Hosted by Oxford University’s Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy. 11am online. Book here

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