Sensyne Health’s latest research deal with NHS Foundation Trust brings total patient dataset to more than five million

Gill Oliver | Pharma | Healthcare | Biotech | Medical | AI | Nov 17th 2020

Clinical AI company Sensyne Health has signed a five-year strategic research agreement with Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

The dataset covers just over one million unique patient records, with all data anonymised by Somerset beforehand.

This brings AIM-listed Sensyne’s total anonymised patient data available for analysis to 5.6 million patients.


Oxford firm ‘transforming personalised medicine’ wins $1 million Female Founders award 

Karen David | Healthcare | Biotech | AI | Aug 11th 2020

An Oxford firm that could hold the key to treating Alzheimer’s disease is one of four winning $1 million in the Microsoft-led Female Founders investment contest


OrthoSon’s ‘surgery down a needle’ ultrasound treatment for back pain gets funding boost

Karen David | Healthcare | Biotech | Aug 3rd 2020

Sufferers of severe back pain are closer to receiving a new type of less invasive, ultrasound-based treatment, as OrthoSon receives extra funding.


Oxford firm uses AI to accelerate drug development 

Michael Milad | Pharma | Biotech | AI | Jul 24th 2020

Drug discovery could be about to benefit from a new realm of AI being applied to the drug development process. Oxford-based Exscientia is making major inroads.


Covid-19: Oxford Vaccine Trial makes landmark step towards vaccine against coronavirus

Karen David | Pharma | Healthcare | Medical | Covid-19 | Jul 23rd 2020

The Oxford University-led coronavirus vaccine trial passed two important hurdles this week: whether the vaccine will be safe to use and whether it induces good immune results.


App designed by caregivers combats loneliness in care homes

Phoebe Sloper | IT | Healthcare | Covid-19 | Jul 6th 2020

Social distancing has accelerated the use of remote communications across healthcare, and myo's mobile app addresses isolation by helping caregivers to connect with their residents’ families.


Oxford’s digihealth innovators rising to the Covid-19 challenge

Rhiannon Lassiter | Healthcare | Social Care | Comms | SaaS | AI | Covid-19 | Jun 22nd 2020

Oxford’s digital transformation catalyst for health, TheHill, prides itself on supporting healthcare providers in getting innovative products to where they can help the most. TechTribe Oxford looks at some of those finding ways to meet the demands of Covid-19.


Oxford eco-laundry service pivots to support health professionals in Covid-19 pandemic

Karen David | Healthcare | Sustainability | OxfordshireGreentech | Covid-19 | Jun 1st 2020

The Oxford Vaccine Group, working with the Jenner Institute on the Covid-19 trials, is using laundry services by Oxwash, the eco-friendly start-up.


Covid-19: As Oxford vaccine trials start, experts look ahead to manufacturing at scale

Antony David | Healthcare | Medical | Covid-19 | Apr 28th 2020

Starting on 23 April, over a thousand volunteers will receive a Covid-19 candidate vaccine in trials led by Prof Sarah Gilbert at Oxford's Jenner Institute.


Covid-19: Nye Phone helps health professionals maintain care at a distance

Antony David | Healthcare | Medical | Covid-19 | Apr 27th 2020

Healthcare workers are not in it for the money, nor because it is safest. Nye Health's comms solutions enable care to continue remotely through the crisis.


In pursuit of our virtual twin: can maths recreate humans?

Atreyi Chakrabarty | Biotech | AI | Sep 29th 2020

Imagine your body with its exact organ systems, cells and DNA, existing in 1’s and 0’s, on a silicon chip. This is what you would call a virtual twin, and research in Oxford indicates how far away we are from creating such a digital entity.


Next generation microsensors for pharmaceuticals and environmental monitoring

Divya Popat | Pharma | Healthcare | Sep 18th 2020

An Oxford startup has developed measurement technology for the efficiency of drug loading in nanoparticles and for monitoring nitrates and phosphates in water.


VivoPlex fertility treatment tech gets £3.9m funding boost

Karen David | Finance | Healthcare | Biotech | Aug 27th 2020

Fertility treatment technology firm VivoPlex has raised £3.9 million to develop its intra-uterine biosensor.


BOOK REVIEW: The Idea of the Brain by Matthew Cobb

Antony David | Book review | May 14th 2020

Matthew Cobb’s book charts the history of efforts to understand the brain and brings us up to date with the latest developments in neuroscience.


Covid-19: OxVent’s rapidly built ventilator moves to the testing stage

Karen David | Healthcare | Medical | Manufacturing | Covid-19 | Apr 15th 2020

The OxVent ventilator for Covid-19 patients, developed in just two weeks in March by engineers and medics in Oxford and London, is being tested for safety and usability at the Smith+Nephew medical manufacturing facility in Hull.


Covid-19: Biotech firm offers AI based drug discovery platform in efforts to tackle virus

Gill Oliver | Pharma | Healthcare | Biotech | Medical | AI | Covid-19 | Mar 25th 2020

Oxford biotech company e-therapeutics is offering its powerful network-biology-and AI-based drug discovery platform to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

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