Writers try out their creative ideas on AI storytelling platform

Karen David | Media | AI | Sep 13th 2019

Screenwriters from the worlds of film, TV, theatre and games have been selected to develop their ideas for interactive stories on an AI storytelling platform at The Writers’…


Can the rise of electric cargo bikes transform the structure of Oxford’s roads?

Karen David | Infrastructure | Sustainability | Aug 23rd 2019

Cycling in Oxford is not for the fainthearted. And yet, it’s one of the most popular ways to get around the city. In June 2018, a report for…


Tech talent wars: In the battle for the best software engineers and developers, employers are having to think outside the box to recruit

Gill Oliver | IT | Management | Aug 23rd 2019

Digital innovation studio Venture Harbour recently needed to recruit a marketing manager and a lead software developer. But despite spending three or four-times more on advertising the software…


‘Values-driven’ digital agency becomes employee-owned

Karen David | Management | Aug 23rd 2019

When employees of digital agency Torchbox were invited to a company meeting for a ‘major announcement’, they must have dreaded the worst. Instead, the outcome was anything but….


Commercial laundries: Can Oxford’s new eco-laundry become a blueprint for the industry?

Karen David | Energy | Sustainability | Nov 8th 2019

Oxford firm OXWASH would love its new eco-laundry in Oxford to turn the tide of the commercial laundry industry away from environmentally harmful practices. The renewably-powered facility is…


Future growth could be at risk if county fails to tackle big challenges around housing, workspace and education

Gill Oliver | Infrastructure | Education | Broadband | Recruitment | Sep 8th 2019

Oxfordshire must have greater confidence in its assets and achievements, director of strategy and programmes for the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership Ahmed Goga told an audience of business…


Oxfordshire Advanced Skills Centre opens at UKAEA Culham

Antony David | Manufacturing | Oct 26th 2019

The shortage of skilled technicians is a major challenge for Oxfordshire’s burgeoning technology companies. The new Oxford Advanced Skills centre (OAS) at the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s Culham…


Cargo bikes in Oxford: What they are and where to buy

Karen David | Sustainability | Aug 23rd 2019

Cargo bike technology is rapidly evolving to add capacity for load weight and volume and there is a decent amount of choice on the market. We take a…


Who owns digital stories?

Guy Gadney | Publishing | Aug 23rd 2019

Technology, by reducing the fabric of creative content to data, is blurring the boundaries that define a piece of work and who owns it. In a keynote speech…


Oxford company’s smart hot water tank will help prevent blackouts

Gill Oliver | Energy | Infrastructure | Ecology | Oct 2nd 2019

Oxford University spin-out Mixergy is at the centre of a plan by energy and services company Centrica to create a ‘virtual power plant’ that helps balance the National…