OXIS Energy wins 10-year contract to electrify the luxury boat market

Gill Oliver | Energy | Infrastructure | Aerospace | Sustainability | Nov 17th 2020

Lithium-sulfur battery manufacturer OXIS Energy has won a £3.8m contract to build battery-powered luxury boats.

The 10-year deal with Yachts de Luxe (YdL) of Singapore will see Culham Science Centre-based OXIS Energy help create a 40-foot day boat powered by lithium sulfur (Li-S) cell and battery systems technology, with the aim of achieving a range of between 70 and 100 nautical miles at cruising speed.


Could ammonia be the route to widespread low carbon air travel?

Antony David | Energy | Aerospace | Aug 28th 2020

Eliminating the airline industry’s CO2 emissions is a tough technological challenge. Reaction Engines and STFC have used ammonia as a fuel for jet engines.


Brazil’s first electric plane to use OXIS Energy’s battery technology

Antony David | Energy | Aerospace | Sustainability | Jul 24th 2020

The first electric-powered commercial aircraft to be built in Brazil will use battery technology developed by OXIS Energy in Oxfordshire


Reforming Oxfordshire’s transport network: Time for the Oxford Metro?

Antony David | Infrastructure | Sustainability | Jul 6th 2020

Is the timing right for Oxfordshire to revisit a project that includes a tram or light railway network as part of an integrated transport solution?


Oxfordshire’s new transport model to offer ‘more nimble’ insights for network planners

Karen David | Infrastructure | Government | Jun 10th 2020

Changes to Oxfordshire's transport network are under way and as the county council makes data-based policy decisions, its upcoming modelling platform may be of help.


ESO helps ODS go electric with first EV’s added to fleet

Karen David | Energy | Infrastructure | Automotive | Sustainability | Apr 28th 2020

Oxford Direct Services (ODS) has taken delivery of nine electric vehicles (EV’s) as part of Energy Superhub Oxford (ESO), a £41m project designed to integrate and dramatically decarbonise energy, heat and transport systems across the city.


Oxford car plant charges into a new era, as Mini electric hits the streets

Karen David | Automotive | Sustainability | Manufacturing | Mar 5th 2020

The new Mini Electric is rolling off the production line at BMW’s Mini Plant in Oxford ready for launch on March 7. Every 67 seconds a newly-built Mini drives out of the plant, and now it can be a petrol, diesel or electric model. TechTribe Oxford visits the plant and tries out the new car on Oxford's roads.


Oxford Bus Company is ‘exploring possibilities’ for new bus fund to boost its green transport initiatives 

Karen David | Infrastructure | Sustainability | Government | Feb 24th 2020

Oxford Bus Company is to examine whether its PickMeUp service could attract new funding following a new five-year funding package announced by the government.


Lower cost of ownership strengthens business case for commercial EV’s

Antony David | Event Review | Sustainability | OxfordshireGreentech | Feb 6th 2020

The financial case for electric vehicles (EV’s) was the focus of an Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire Greentech business breakfast this week. To a packed room at the Said Business School, speakers addressed topics that would-be adopters of commercial EV's want to understand. Leasing options, tax breaks, insurance, the second-hand market and cost of ownership were all high on the agenda.


Connectivity: How can we tackle congestion and pollution in Oxfordshire?

Congestion and pollution are the unwanted byproducts of our growing economy. Business leaders share their thoughts on solutions and the future of connectivity.


Oxbotica conducts UK’s first autonomous vehicle trials for right-side driving in Germany

Karen David | Automotive | AI | Sep 18th 2020

Oxbotica is the UK's first autonomous vehicle company to perform live trials on right-sided roads in Germany, enabling it develop its software for international markets.


Energy Superhub Oxford: First rapid charge point for EV’s installed by ODS

Karen David | Energy | Infrastructure | Automotive | Sustainability | Jul 21st 2020

Facilities firm ODS has installed Oxford's first rapid 50kW DC EV charge point, capable of replenishing a fleet vehicle battery to 80% capacity in 40 minutes.


Vehicle-to-grid: Oxfordshire study could mean power from electric vehicles is used to balance supply 

Karen David | Automotive | Sustainability | Dec 6th 2019

Parked commercial electric vehicles (EV's) could be used to help balance electricity supply on the UK’s energy network. Oxfordshire County Council is taking part in a national scheme to test the feasibility of vehicle-to-grid power management. This would involve EV's delivering power from their batteries back into the national grid when they are plugged in for charging, helping to prevent the network from becoming stressed at peak times.


Cargo bikes in Oxford: What they are and where to buy

Karen David | Sustainability | Aug 23rd 2019

Here are two makers of cargo bikes currently being used on Oxford’s cycle network.  For more advice contact bike retailer Warlands on Botley Road.


Electric cargo bikes: Last and first mile trailblazers

Karen David | Infrastructure | Aug 23rd 2019

Online shopping and AirBnB are key growth drivers for cargo bike deliveries for firms like bike courier Pedal & Post and Oxwash laundry service.

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