Drug discovery could be about to benefit significantly from a new realm of artificial intelligence (AI) being applied to the development process for new drugs. Oxford-based Exscientia is making some major inroads.


Reforming Oxfordshire’s transport network: Time for the Oxford Metro?

Antony David | Infrastructure | Sustainability | Jul 6th 2020

Is the timing right for Oxfordshire to revisit a project that includes a tram or light railway network as part of an integrated transport solution?


In the digital afterlife, should big tech become our cultural stewards?

Charles Pidgeon | Media | Culture | Government | Jun 29th 2020

Oxford Internet Institute estimates there could be 4.9 billion deceased Facebook users before 2100, forcing us to ask: what should happen to our data when we die?


OrthoSon’s ‘surgery down a needle’ ultrasound treatment for back pain gets funding boost

Karen David | Healthcare | Biotech | Aug 3rd 2020

Sufferers of severe back pain are closer to receiving a new type of less invasive, ultrasound-based treatment, as OrthoSon receives extra funding.


RAL Space’s SPICE instrument reveals new solar phenomena

Antony David | Aerospace | Jul 28th 2020

New images from the Spectral Investigation of the Coronal Environment instrument aboard the Solar Orbiter, have been returned as part of a mission to provide insights into the solar wind.


Brazil’s first electric plane to use OXIS Energy’s battery technology

Antony David | Energy | Aerospace | Sustainability | Jul 24th 2020

The first electric-powered commercial aircraft to be built in Brazil will use battery technology developed by OXIS Energy in Oxfordshire


Covid-19: Oxford Vaccine Trial makes landmark step towards vaccine against coronavirus

Karen David | Pharma | Healthcare | Medical | Covid-19 | Jul 23rd 2020

The Oxford University-led coronavirus vaccine trial passed two important hurdles this week: whether the vaccine will be safe to use and whether it induces good immune results.


Energy Superhub Oxford: First rapid charge point for EV’s installed by ODS

Karen David | Energy | Infrastructure | Automotive | Sustainability | Jul 21st 2020

Facilities firm ODS has installed Oxford's first rapid 50kW DC EV charge point, capable of replenishing a fleet vehicle battery to 80% capacity in 40 minutes.


Oxford firm tackles heat transfer challenges of nuclear fusion and EV batteries

Antony David | Energy | Automotive | Jul 17th 2020

The design of most energy systems involves optimising the heat transfers. A Harwell-based startup is developing solutions to today’s pressing problems in nuclear fusion and EV batteries.


Git training course helps scientists managing large amounts of file versions 

Karen David | IT | Software | Jul 17th 2020

Developer Old Reliable Tech has built an online course on version control platform Git, aimed at earth observation and climate change scientists who write code.


App designed by caregivers combats loneliness in care homes

Phoebe Sloper | IT | Healthcare | Covid-19 | Jul 6th 2020

Social distancing has accelerated the use of remote communications across healthcare, and myo's mobile app addresses isolation by helping caregivers to connect with their residents’ families.


ESCO-in-a-box aims to help SMEs install energy efficiency solutions

Karen David | Energy | Finance | Sustainability | Jul 2nd 2020

Low Carbon Hub has teamed up with EnergyPro and Oxford Brookes University to set up Energy Solutions Oxfordshire (ESOx), an energy services company for local enterprises.


Oxford’s digihealth innovators rising to the Covid-19 challenge

Rhiannon Lassiter | Healthcare | Social Care | Comms | SaaS | AI | Covid-19 | Jun 22nd 2020

Oxford’s digital transformation catalyst for health, TheHill, prides itself on supporting healthcare providers in getting innovative products to where they can help the most. TechTribe Oxford looks at some of those finding ways to meet the demands of Covid-19.

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11 Aug 2020

Running remote stakeholder workshops Fruto Studio has been running remote stakeholder workshops for the past three years. They will show you how to get buy-in from key stakeholders, preparations to make sure it goes smoothly, and tips on how to facilitate sessions. Includes workshop templates on Miro and how to communicate outcomes. Book here. 

17 Aug 2020

TheHill workshop: Procurement – a CCG Perspective Health and care companies new to the health sector will benefit from this session on Oxford CCG (clinical commissioning group) covering plans, procurement legislation and guidance for suppliers. Participants join the 18 delegates in TheHill’s Market Access Accelerator programme. 1 to 2pm. Book here

21 Aug 2020

Pitch @ the (Virtual) Pub A fun and engaging way to find out about new and up-and-coming startups, spinouts and social enterprises. Pitchers each to talk about their startups and what they are working on. Organised by Enterprising Oxford and Oxford Startups. 12.30, online. Book here

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