The Sniper Elite games have carved out a sizeable fanbase due to their engaging shooter mechanics and x-ray kill cam. The last game in the series, Sniper Elite 4, was nominated for 6 industry awards, and won Best Visual design at the 2017 Independent Game Developers Association Awards.


In pursuit of our virtual twin: can maths recreate humans?

Atreyi Chakrabarty | Biotech | AI | Sep 29th 2020

Imagine your body with its exact organ systems, cells and DNA, existing in 1’s and 0’s, on a silicon chip. This is what you would call a virtual twin, and research in Oxford indicates how far away we are from creating such a digital entity.


Next generation microsensors for pharmaceuticals and environmental monitoring

Divya Popat | Pharma | Healthcare | Sep 18th 2020

An Oxford startup has developed measurement technology for the efficiency of drug loading in nanoparticles and for monitoring nitrates and phosphates in water.


Book review: Matt Ridley’s How Innovation Works

Jens Tholstrup | Book review | Oct 15th 2020

As my professional life is closely linked to innovation, and as someone who works for a business with innovation in its name - Oxford Innovation, I felt it important to read and take some cues from Matt Ridley’s latest book How Innovation Works.


Rebellion invites film industry experts to try out its revolutionary virtual production set

Karen David | Media | Culture | Entertainment | Oct 6th 2020

In a demonstration of the power of Rebellion's new production tools, art directors, directors of photography, grips and other film personnel saw how games-engine-generated, virtual reality backgrounds can be integrated with camera movements.


Central banks look to digital currency to replace notes and coin

Elliot Gulliver-Needham | Finance | Oct 5th 2020

Cash is on the decline everywhere. More and more shops won't accept cash, following decades of digitalisation of our money. Between 2017 and 2018 alone, the South East saw a 7.7% decrease in cash withdrawals, reported by the BBC as the highest percentage of contactless transactions of any UK region.


How The Oxford Trust provides ‘flexible certainty’ for growing science and tech firms

Steve Burgess | Work spaces | Sponsored feature | Sep 25th 2020

Even pre-Covid, growing companies were faced with the question of whether to lease or licence offices, what type of accommodation they needed, and the support and network the space gave access to. Now, in this fluid environment, companies need more flexibility when it comes to choosing accommodation. The Oxford Trust runs two innovations centres in Oxford, and the range of space and support on offer is designed for start-ups and scale-up firms in tech and science sectors. 


Oxbotica conducts UK’s first autonomous vehicle trials for right-side driving in Germany

Karen David | Automotive | AI | Sep 18th 2020

Oxbotica is the UK's first autonomous vehicle company to perform live trials on right-sided roads in Germany, enabling it develop its software for international markets.


Remote working: STEM Advisers call for ‘tech that works for us’

Karen David | Event Review | IT | Broadband | Work spaces | Management | Sep 16th 2020

STEM Advisers Hub practitioners share remote working experiences, the platforms they use and impacts on productivity and business culture.


Book review: There is no Planet B by Mike Berners-Lee

Antony David | Book review | Aug 28th 2020

For the many of us concerned to understand the nature of the environmental crisis humanity faces, and what we can do about it, Mike Berners-Lee’s book offers wide ranging descriptions […]


Could ammonia be the route to widespread low carbon air travel?

Antony David | Energy | Aerospace | Aug 28th 2020

Eliminating the airline industry’s CO2 emissions is a tough technological challenge. Reaction Engines and STFC have used ammonia as a fuel for jet engines.


VivoPlex fertility treatment tech gets £3.9m funding boost

Karen David | Finance | Healthcare | Biotech | Aug 27th 2020

Fertility treatment technology firm VivoPlex has raised £3.9 million to develop its intra-uterine biosensor.


Oxford firm ‘transforming personalised medicine’ wins $1 million Female Founders award 

Karen David | Healthcare | Biotech | AI | Aug 11th 2020

An Oxford firm that could hold the key to treating Alzheimer’s disease is one of four winning $1 million in the Microsoft-led Female Founders investment contest

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