The Torchbox Bristol working with a client. Photo Tom Dyson

Trend for remote working fuels US growth for Torchbox

 2 mins | By Karen David
 |  | Sep 18th 2020

The growth of business across the Atlantic has led to digital agency Torchbox incorporating in the US.  Over 20% of the firm’s revenue now comes from the US, where organisations such as University of Pennsylvania, Oxfam America and NASA are on the firm’s client roster. Torchbox’s Wagtail content management system is also used by thousands of US organisations.

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Torchbox managing director James Leavesley explained why the firm is incorporating in the US, although it has decided not to open an office there: “We’ve been looking at setting up in the US for a number of years, but settling on a location has proved difficult. Our clients are all over America, from New York to California, so committing to bricks and mortar in one state would still have meant committing to high flying miles if we were mainly collaborating on site.”

James Leavesley. Pic: Torchbox

Leavesley added that during Covid-19 the firm’s growth had accelerated, against expectations. “More organisations in the US are shifting to remote working, mirroring what we see in European markets. Teams are much more open-minded about the potential for working remotely. They still want to work collaboratively, but being physically in the same location has become less important.”

Torchbox will be recruiting in the US though, as it intends to expand its development team in North America to service clients who want to work with teams on similar timezones. In the UK the firm has offices in Oxford, where it was founded, Cambridge and Bristol.

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