Oxford’s angels join forces: Oxford Investment Opportunity Network and Oxford Angel Network merger

 1 min | By Antony David
 |  | Jan 24th 2020

Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION) and Oxford Angel Network (OAN), part of Oxford University Innovation (OUI), are merging. The combined operation, which retains the OION name, focuses the local network of individual investors.

Jens Tholstrup, executive chairman of OION, says: “This merger represents a really important step in strengthening the Oxfordshire early-stage finance ecosystem. This is a combination that will help ambitious companies access early stage finance to help develop and grow their businesses and will provide the community of investors with an even greater selection of innovative technology and knowledge-intensive businesses.”

Matt Perkins, chief executive officer at OUI, explained that the growing number of startups and spin-outs from both within and outside the university would benefit from access to this enlarged source of early stage investment. The combined networks will collaborate in the selection of companies to be invited to pitch at seven annual investor showcase events.

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